Arbeitskreis Modellierung von Systemen und Parameterextraktion 
Modeling of Systems and Parameter Extraction Working Group
8th International MOS-AK Workshop
(co-located with the
IEDM Conference and CMC Meeting)
Washington DC, December 9 2015
MOS-AK: Enabling Compact Modeling R&D Exchange
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MOS-AK Workshop
Embassy of Switzerland
2900 Cathedral Ave, NW, 
Washington, DC 20008
Important Dates:
  • Call for Papers - Sept. 2015
  • 2nd Announcement - Oct. 2015
  • Final Workshop Program - Nov. 2015
  • MOS-AK Workshop - Dec, 9, 2015
    • 08:30 - 09:00 - On-site Registration
    • 09:00 - 12:30 - Morning MOS-AK Session
    • 12:30 - 13:30 - Lunch
    • 13:30 - 17:00 - Afternoon MOS-AK Session
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MOS-AK Morning Session
Chair: Larry Nagel; Omega Enterprises
T_1  MOS-AK Workshop Opening
W. Grabinski MOS-AK (EU)
T_2  TCAD in the more Moore and more than Moore era
Mathieu Luisier
ETH Zurich
T_3  FinFET SPICE Modeling
Joddy Wang
T_4  Circuit and Reliability Co-simulation for Complex Aging Prediction
Chenyue Ma, Lining Zhang and Mansun Chan

Coffee Break
T_5  Circuit Aging Tools and Reliability Verification
Mohamed Selim
Mentor Graphics
T_6  GaN FET model standardization
Samuel Mertens and Rob Jones
Cadence and Raytheon
T_7  Successful Applicaiotn of a Customized Angelov Model In an Expanding GaN Power Transitor Library
Larry Dunleavy and Richard Martin
Modelithics, Inc. and Qorvo, Inc.
OMI-API Introduction
Colin Shaw   
CMC, Silvaco
Lunch Break
MOS-AK Afternoon Session
Chair: Marek Mierzwinski; Keysight
T_8  Advanced RF MOSVAR Modeling
Kenneth Yau and Akira Ito
T_9  Terahertz Compact SPICE
M. Shur 1,2, A. Gutin1, T. Ytterdal 3, and G. Aizin 4
1.Electrical, Computer, and Systems Engineering 2.Physics, Applied Physics, and Astronomy RPI NY, USA 3.Uni.Trondheim, Norway 4 Kingsborough College, Brooklyn, NY
T_10  Diode_CMC v2.0.0
Klaus-Willi Pieper

Coffee Break
T_11  Gnucap overview
Albert Davis
T_12  The NEEDS Initiative: 2015
Xufeng Wang and Mark Lundstrom
Purdue University
T_13  MAPP: The Berkeley Model and Algorithm Prototyping Platform
Tianshi Wang, Karthik Aadithya, A. Gokcen Mahmutoglu, Bichen Wu, Jian Yao and Jaijeet Roychowdhury
UC Berkeley
T_14  Qucs Equation-Defined Device modelling with a Verilog-A Prototyping Platform
Mike Brinson*, Vadim Kuznetsov** and Wladek Grabinski***
*Centre for Communications Technology, London Metropolitan University, UK, ** Bauman Moscow Technical University, Russia, *** MOS-AK (EU)
B_2 Xyce briefing (code release version 6.4)
Eric R. Keiter
End of the workshop

Extended MOS-AK/GSA Committee
  • International R&D Advisers
    • Larry Nagel, Omega Enterprises Consulting (USA)
    • Andrei Vladimirescu, UCB (USA); ISEP (FR)
  • MOS-AK Workshop Management
    • Dove Tracy EDA DOR
    • Wladek Grabinski, MOS-AK (EU)
  • Technical Committee
    MOS-AK/GSA North America
  • Chair: Pekka Ojala, Exar Corporation
  • Co-Chair: Geoffrey Coram, Analog Devices
  • Co-Chair: Prof. Jamal Deen, U.McMaster
  • Co-Chair: Roberto Tinti, Agilent EEsof Division
    MOS-AK/GSA South America
  • Chair: Prof. Gilson I Wirth; UFRGS; Brazil
  • Co-Chair: Prof. Carlos Galup-Montoro, UFSC; Brazil
  • Co-Chair: Sergio Bampi, UFRGS, Brazil
  • Co-Chair: Antonio Cerdeira Altuzarra, Cinvestav - IPN, Mexico
    MOS-AK/GSA Europe
  • Chair: Ehrenfried Seebacher, AMS, Austria
  • Co-Chair: Alexander Petr, XFab, Germany
  • Co-Chair: Prof. Benjamin Iniguez, URV, Spain
  • Co-Chair: Franz Sischka, SisConsult, Germany
    MOS-AK/GSA Asia/South Pacific

  • Chair: Sadayuki Yoshitomi, Toshiba
  • Co-Chair: Min Zhang, SIMTAC, Shanghai 
  • Co-Chair: Xing Zhou, NTU Singapore   
  • Co-Chair: A.B. Bhattacharyya, JIIT New Delhi
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