Arbeitskreis Modellierung von Systemen und Parameterextraktion 
Modeling of Systems and Parameter Extraction Working Group
12th International MOS-AK Workshop
Silicon Valley, December 11, 2019
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Important Dates:
  • Call for Papers - Oct. 2019
  • 2nd Announcement - Nov. 2019
  • Final Workshop Program - Dec.2 2019
  • MOS-AK Workshop: 9:00 - 16:00 on Dec.11, 2019
    in timefrme of IEDM and Q4 CMC Meetings
Silvaco HQ
2811 Mission College Blvd., 6th Floor
Santa Clara, California  95054
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9:00-12:00 MOS-AK Morning Session
Chair: Roberto S. Murphy, INAOE, Puebla (MX) and Bogdan Tudor, Silvaco (USA)
[0] Welcome:
MOS-AK Intoduction and IEEE EDS DL Update
Bogdan Tudor and W. Grabinski
Silvaco (USA) and MOS-AK (EU)
[1] Si2 Compact Model Coalition: 2019 Update
Peter M. Lee
[2] What's in the Standard? Establishing the CMC Policy for Verilog-A Models
Geoffrey Coram
Analog Devices, Inc. (USA)
[3] SPICE Modeling of Power Devices
Bogdan Tudor
Silvaco (USA)
Coffee Break
[4] Toward physics-based reliability-aware compact models
Pieter Weckx, Erik Bury, Ben Kaczer
imec (B)
[5] Overview and Parameter Extraction of L-UTSOI Model for FDSOI Technologies
Ma Long* and Shuang Cai**
Keysight (USA)
[6] Device Modeling for Neuromorphic Computing with Dynamic Time Evolution Method
Lining Zhang, Mansun Chan
12:00-13:00 Lunch Break and Group Photo
13:00-16:00 MOS-AK Afternoon Session
Chair: Bogdan Tudor, Silvaco (USA) and W. Grabinski MOS-AK (EU)
[7] Latest Developments in the Xyce Large-Scale Analog Circuit Simulator
Jason Verley
Sandia National Labs (USA)
[8] An oxide-based bipolar RRAM compact model
Meng-Hsueh Chiang, Jia-Wei Lee, Po-An Chen, and Chun-Hsiang Hsu
National Cheng Kung University (TW)
[9] Keeping Up with Mextram: 2019 Development Updates with SiGe HBT Circuit Implications
Guofu Niu*, Huaiyuan Zhang*, Yiao Li*, Andries Scholten**, Marnix Willemsen***, Wei Chen****
*Auburn University, ** NXP Semiconductors, *** Texas Instruments Inc. (USA)
Coffee Break
[10] Characterization of Semiconductor Devices in the High-Frequency Regime
Roberto S. Murphy, IEEE EDS DL
INAOE, Puebla (MX)
[11] Model Evaluation for HiSIM2 3.1.1
Chika Tanaka, Takeshi Naito, Miya Yamamoto, Atsushi Sueoka, and Sadayuki Yoshitomi
Memory Division, Kioxia Corporation (J)
[12] MVSG model for RF applications: Thermal, Scalability and Parasitic Modeling
Xuesong Chen*, Ujwal R Krishna** and Lan Wei*
*University of Waterloo (CA), **Texas Instruments Inc. (USA)
[13] FOSS EKV2.6 Model at GitHub
W. Grabinski,
16:00 End of MOS-AK Workshop
International MOS-AK Committee:
  • Local Organization Committee 
    • Bogdan Tudor, Silvaco (USA) 
    • Brian Bradburn, Silvaco (USA) 
  • International MOS-AK Board of R&D Advisers
    • Larry Nagel, Omega Enterprises Consulting (USA)
    • Andrei Vladimirescu, UCB (USA); ISEP (FR)
  • MOS-AK Technical Committee
    MOS-AK/GSA North America
  • Chair: Pekka Ojala, Exar Corporation (USA)
  • Co-Chair: Geoffrey Coram, Analog Devices (USA)
  • Co-Chair: Prof. Jamal Deen, U.McMaster (CA)
  • Co-Chair: Roberto Tinti, Keysight EEsof Division (USA)
    MOS-AK/GSA South America
  • Chair: Prof. Gilson I Wirth; UFRGS (BR)
  • Co-Chair: Prof. Carlos Galup-Montoro, UFSC (BR)
  • Co-Chair: Sergio Bampi, UFRGS (BR)
  • Co-Chair: Antonio Cerdeira Altuzarra, Cinvestav - IPN (MX)
  • Co-Chair: Roberto S. Murphy, INAOE (MX)
  • MOS-AK/GSA Europe
  • Chair: Ehrenfried Seebacher, AMS (A)
  • Co-Chair: Sanjay Mane, XFab, (D)
  • Co-Chair: Prof. Benjamin Iniguez, URV (SP)
  • Co-Chair: Franz Sischka, SisConsult, (D)
    MOS-AK/GSA Asia/South Pacific

  • Chair: Sadayuki Yoshitomi, Toshiba (J)
  • Co-Chair: A.B. Bhattacharyya, JIIT New Delhi (IN)
  • Co-Chair: Min Zhang, XMOD Tech, Shanghai (CN)
  • Co-Chair: Kaikai Xu, 电子科技大学 (CN)    
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