Arbeitskreis MOS-Modelle und Parameterextraktion
MOS Modeling and Parameter Extraction Working Group
Sept.17, 2010  Seville
MOS-AK 2010: Over Two Decades of Enabling Compact Modeling R&D Exchange
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Poster Session
Venue: Barceló Renacimiento Hotel Seville
  • Sept. 17, 2010
    • "Frontiers of the Compact Modeling for Advanced Analog/RF Applications"
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11:30-12:00 Poster Session - Chair: W.Grabinski
P_1  Characterization of wearout mechanisms in MOSFET
Raúl Fernández and Ignacio Gil
Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (ES)
P_2  Extraction of Low Frequency Noise and Transistor Mismatch Parameters at Cryogenic Temperature for Design of CMOS Imagers in a 0.18 µm Mixed Analog-Digital Process
Anne-Sophie Royet, Patrick Martin and Fabrice Guellec
CEA, LETI, MINATEC, Grenoble (F)
P_3  New threshold voltage model for symmetrical undoped DGMOSFET
Pawel Salek, Lidia Lukasiak, Andrzej Jakubowski
Institute of Microelectronics and Optoelectronics, WUT (PL)
P_4  BPV method as a tool for statistical compact modeling of SOI CMOS technology
Marat Yakupov*, Daniel Tomaszewski*, Krzysztof Kucharski*, Wladek Grabinski**
*ITE (PL), **GMC (CH)
P_5  Interface AlGaN/GaN HEMT Study at Room Temperature
Lemia Semra*, Azzedine Telia*, Ali Soltani**
P_6  Improved RPI TFT compact model: extrinsic and with correct account of positive differential conductance after saturation
Valentin Turin*, Gennady Zebrev**, Benjamin Iñiguez***, and Michael Shur****
*Orel STU, **MEPHI, ***URV, ****RPI
P_7  Techniques for accurate flicker noise measurement up to 40 MHz
Toe Naing Swe
Cascade Microtech, Inc.
P_8  Combining Process and Statistical Variability in the Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Corners in Digital Circuit Parametric Yield Analysis
P. Asenov, N. A. Kamsani, D. Reid, C. Millar, S. Roy, A. Asenov
University of Glasgow
P_9  Free software tools in electronic design: a search and a preliminary selection
C. Medrano, I. Plaza, M. Castro, F. Garcia-Sevilla, J.D. Martinez-Calero, Josep Pou Felix, M. Corbalan
P_10  A Verilog-A implementation of a model for spin-valve based current sensors
A. Roldán*, C. Reig**, M.D. Cubells-Beltrán**, J.B. Roldán*, D. Ramírez**, S. Cardoso***, P.P. Freitas***
*Universidad de Granada (Spain), **Universitat de València (Spain), ***Instituto de Engenharia de Sistemas e Computadores - Microsistemas e Nanotecnologias (Portugal)
P_11  Recent Developments on the EPFL-High Voltage MOSFET Model (EPFL-HVMOS)
Antonios Bazigos*, François Krummenacher*, Jean-Michel Sallèse*
P_12  Bipolar Transistor Modeling: Present and Future Trend
Anjan Chakravorty and Surajit Sen
Meridian Software Technology (P) Ltd, India
P_13  Analytical two-dimensional model for the parasitic source/drain resistance in DG-MOSFETs
Thomas Holtji*, Mike Schwarz* ** and Alexander Kloes*
*University of Applied Sciences Giessen (GER), **Universitat Rovira i Virgili (ESP)
P_14  Hybrid CMOS-MEMS/NEMS technologies at IMB-CNM
Emilio Lora-Tamayo, Joan Bausells and Francesc Pérez-Murano
P_15  Analytical Modelling of Short Channel Planar FDSOI and Triple-gateFET Transistors
R. Ritzenthaler*, F. Lime*, O. Faynot**, S. Cristoloveanu***, and B. Iñiguez*
*Universitat Rovira I Virgili (ESP) **CEA-LETI Grenoble (F) ***IMEP-LAHC, Minatec Grenoble (F)
12:00 End of the Poster Session
Committees: Local Organizing Committee:
  • Andres Godoy, UGR
  • Benjamin Inigues, URV
  • Rodrigo Picos, UIB
Extended MOS-AK/GSA Committee:
  • Lisa Tafoya, Vice President, Global Semiconductor Alliance (GSA)
  • Chelsea Boone GSA; Senior Research Analyst
  • Wladek Grabinski, GMC Suisse; MOS-AK/GSA Group Manager
    MOS-AK/GSA North America:
  • Chair: Pekka Ojala, Exar Corporation
  • Co-Chair: Geoffrey Coram, Analog Devices
  • Co-Chair: Prof. Jamal Deen, U.McMaster
    MOS-AK/GSA South America:
  • Chair: Prof. Gilson I Wirth; UFRGS; Brazil
  • Co-Chair: Prof. Carlos Galup-Montor, UFSC; Brazil
    MOS-AK/GSA Europe:
  • Chair: Ehrenfried Seebacher, austriamicrosystems AG
  • Co-Chair: Sebastian Schmidt, XFab
  • Co-Chair: Prof. Benjamin Iniguez, URV
    MOS-AK/GSA Asia/Pacific:
  • Chair: Goichi Yokomizo, STARC, Japan
  • Co-Chair: Sadayuki Yoshitomi, Toshiba, Japan
  • Co-Chair: Xing Zhou, NTU, Singapore
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