MOS-AK Association
MOS-AK is a non-profit association in the sense of articles 60 to 79 of Swiss Civil Code. MOS-AK is enabling compact modeling R&D exchange as a global public resource that are open and accessible to all. The association is domiciled in Commugny, VD (CH)
  Mission Statement

MOS-AK Vision:

Enabling International Compact Modeling R&D Exchange in the North/Latin Americas, EMEA and Asia/Pacific Regions

MOS-AK Connects:

The MOS-AK aims to encourage interaction and sharing of all information related to the compact modeling at all levels of the device and circuit characterization, modeling and simulations. The MOS-AK aspires to build a community with global connections by:

  • Promoting standardization of the compact models and its implementation into software tools
  • Connecting national and local modeling groups on European level
  • Building strong bilateral ties with similar organizations around the world

MOS-AK Benchmarks:

The MOS-AK conducts regular meetings with European industry and academia to exchange information on the strengths and weaknesses of the industrialization of the compact models. Activities include:

  • Drafting of standards and providing a center of competence for engineers, designers, managers and decision makers
  • Evaluating world-wide best practice and success stories
  • Delivering a comprehensive view of the European compact modeling education

MOS-AK Educates:

The MOS-AK believes that the transfer of the advanced compact modeling methodologies to industry can be accelerated by providing the comprehensive reports and reference papers on the subjects of:

  • Basic issues and concepts of the device characterization and compact modeling
  • Global device characterization and compact modeling issues
  • Examples and analysis of best practice of the commercialization of compact models
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