Arbeitskreis MOS-Modelle und Parameterextraktion
MOS Modeling and Parameter Extraction Group Meeting
organized by W. Grabinski
26 May 2000, LEG, Lausanne, Switzerland
  9:30 Continental breakfast
10:00 W. Grabinski Welcome
10:10 M. Declercq Brief introduction to LEG at EPF Lausanne
    Matching and Compact Modeling Session
10:30 F. Krummenacher Matching Analysis of the Analog Circuits
11:00 H. Hoeller Mismatch Characterization of Semiconductor Devices in BiCMOS Technology
11:30 B. Hertwig Application of WEVA as optimization tool for MOS models (example of the EPFL EKV model)
12:00 Lunch
    Statistic and Compact Modeling Session
13:00 F. Sischka Statistical Package of IC-CAP
13:30 T. Gneiting Statistical Modeling: BSIM3 Example
14:00 M. Bucher  EKV v3.0: Advances in MOSFET Compact Modeling
14.30 W. Grabinski Are we ready to create European CMC?
16:00 Adjourn
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